Blog binge

Where do these creative, brilliant, obviously busy people find the time to create their daily blogs?? It seems to me that those who have lives full and interesting enough to blog about would not have that much time left in them to craft full descriptions of them complete with professional photos and instructions/recipes/diagrams, etc.

Oh, I know! They don’t sleep. Well, that settles it. Even if I had a life at the moment that was full enough to inspire proper interest for a blog fit for publication, my drive for sleep would get in the way. Oh, and then there’s my job, my beloved hub, our dogs, the very neglected garden, books…eating…you get the idea.

Still, I’m probably not going to let a little thing like not having enough time or interesting content keep me from exploring this blogging idea. That would be un-American, and tomorrow is Independence Day, after all.


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