I’m bringin’ cookin’ back…Yeah!

Those other places to eat don’t know how to act. Yeah!

Actually, I’m going to follow Greece’s lead for awhile and have a period of financial austerity. What does this mean, dear clever reader?

It means no more weekly makeup binges at the local Rite Aid.
It means no more daily latte binges at work.

It means…and I hesitate to even type this because it feels so final…

We are going to stop spending 40% plus of our income on the local restaurant biz. I am going to start cooking.

I’m giddy with fear.

But, I do feel a certain piousness creeping over me since I’ll be placing my hand in the unseen hand of countless women and men throughout time who have performed the common daily ritual of cooking. I feel completely in solidarity with those who have gone before me, stirring and frying…measuring and chopping.

I confess, I don’t often cook because it seems so pedestrian…so…boring. I can hear many of you friends/readers out there gasping, and so my hope is that you will share your love of cooking with me. Inspire me with your culinary fantasies and successes.

Otherwise…my cooking adventure may end with this post.

Now where can I get a super cute and frilly apron??


8 thoughts on “I’m bringin’ cookin’ back…Yeah!

  1. Cooking at home is a dying art. It can actually be a splendid opportunity to experiment with spices from all over the world. I, too, am making the effort to expand my home cooking experience. This hopefully will not only give me variety, but adapt myself to being more conscience of what I choose to dine upon. Many fine memories can be formed by a pleasurable eating episode with a loved one or with friends. You may even become well loved for a unique meal you have established yourself. The frilly apron is optional.

    • Thank you SO much for your comment. It’s the first one for shesnosaint! You win a prize. I’ll let you know what the prize is later. Maybe a home cooked meal! I happen to know that YOU are well loved and your amazing salsa recipe might have a tiny bit to do with that.

    • This is great! Thank you, Julie. I’ll definitely check it out and report the results…good or not so good! I remember my grandmother had file cards with her recipes on them and some were from friends. That’s how it worked before we had the marvels of the internet. There really is no excuse…

  2. Well, you know I love my Trader Joe’s cookbooks (all ingredients found in one (awesome) grocery store!). And as for a fabulous apron – I’m betting Presents of Mind may have a few!

    Very proud of you! As a fellow “I don’t cook”er, I will use your new motivation to revitlaize my own culinary inspiration! Go team!!

    • Thanks very much, Celia. Yes…Trader Joe’s is great! For some things. It looks like I’ll be the type of cook who starts with a box or a can of something and dresses it up. No shame in that, right? Thank you for your hints and encouragement. Team awesome!

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