Blessing of the Animals

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I’m looking forward to next Sunday more than Mr. Chuck Norris looks forward to a workout on his Total Gym. In memory of that crazy guy, St. Francis, there will be a local blessing of the animals in Portland along with hundreds of others across the this great nation… yea, many thousands across the world, perhaps. One of the neatest things about being a member of the Catholic club is that no matter what is being prayed, sung, adored, venerated, partaken of or abstained from at any given moment, you can bet your britches that countless of your fish-eating brothers and sisters around the world are doing the exact same thing. I love that kind of solidarity! Powerful stuff.  

We Catholics love our pets. No…we ell oh vee eee LOVE our pets. We make them our friends, our comforters, children, entertainment, and in my case, food disposals as well. Kinda makes me wonder about idolatry and lost opportunities for a second as I confess this but…okay, now my friend the television is on and I feel better immediately. Anyhoo…

Yes, we’ll be there with the girls, Uno and Susie, two very well-behaved and perfectly trained Boston terriers. And I hear great things about the event. I’ve never been before, being a newly-minted Catholic and all. So many new experiences and things to learn. Like: that if you are completely nuts for our Lord, you can become canonized and inspire wonderful events like a blessing of the animals. I digress.

It’s been said that the animals at one of these blessings are all on their best behavior because that they recognize that something sacred is afoot. Parrots quiet down, cats don’t shred the faces of their owners, etc.

I guess this means the dogs won’t pee on the nice brown robes of the Franciscans. One can only hope. They are a forgiving lot either way, right?

I’ll report back on any shows of extra piety from the girls or miraculous changes in behavior after they are officially blessed by a professional represenative of our Almighty Father here on earth…not that there are behavioral changes needed, you understand. Our dogs are complete angels. Aren’t they angels!? Oh yes they are…yes they are…

Don’t even ask me about taking the cats. They don’t know how blessed they are that I even keep feeding them.

“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called
forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired
St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless
this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan.
May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord
our God, in all your creatures! Amen.”


4 thoughts on “Blessing of the Animals

  1. The animals that are truly blessed have owners that treat them as an important part of their family. The best thing I appreciate about animals is that they love you unconditionaly. Too bad some people treat animals badly, no doubt they treat other people badly as well, or have been abused by others. You usually don’t hear about an animal abusing their owner (unless they asked for it with their stupidity). and no doubt we should all love as freely as our pets.

  2. Are you talking about the one in the Grotto? Its the best! We drove up from Albany just to see that our two little ones got “the treatment.” Our 2 yr old, 100 lb Briard is no Saint, but our Agador did GREAT! -The beef heart treats in my bait bag helped a lot, of course. (I said a prayer, to honor the cow.) His big sister did even better which was amazing, given she HATES water -apparently even the Holy kind. (She’s a Hurricane Katrina survivor so I think she’s earned it.) We even lit a candle for the dog of my heart, Butler. He’s the one who inspired us to attend this event years ago. Now that he is gone, it gives me comfort to know that he was formally Blessed. I so appreciate the church holding this event!

    • I shudder to imagine how we would live with the beasts if not for that bulging bait bag. They might just forget about us altogether. Never would they come or sit or stay! Still, the dang dogs are such a blessing…a blessing in return is the least we can do for our beloved pets. Yours are so blessed to have you!

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