Mississippi Ave Street Fair

The hub and I took our handsome nephew to check out the hoopla at the street fair on Mississippi on Saturday. I figured it would be good people-watching and maybe I’d see some good crafty crafts while giving the boy something to do besides techy stuff. I’ve realized that parents of teens aren’t exaggerating when they say they’re attached to their phones 24/7.

After a lovely patio brunch at the White Eagle – where I had hoped the boy would be impressed or at least interested by its haunted past (he wasn’t) – St. Anthony helped us find parking along one of the little neighborhood streets  which were all packed sardine-tight with car after car. This event must be  a trial to the people who live in the neighborhood.

We started off with Hawaiian Shave Ice because it was hot…and got crowded fast.

(Please excuse the poor photography in this post! One of my goals is to get a better camera and learn to take better photos… in the meantime, bear with me!)

There were a lot of interesting people to watch and good stuff to look at…

Nice to see some Sisters out and and about. I wonder what order they are a part of.

Jimi Hendrix made an appearance from the beyond, but he was charging a fee to have a photo taken with him…oh, Jimi….how the afterlife changed you.

Chata Addy and the other drummers were spellbinding as always.

We saw some people we know and later our dear friends Matt and Elizabeth were able to meet up with us for a second lap of the Avenue.

The Rebuilding Center is awesome.


The ReBuilding Center, a project of Our United Villages, is a vibrant resource working to strengthen the environmental, economic, and social fabric of local communities. Founded by volunteers in 1998, The ReBuilding Center carries the region’s largest volume of used building and remodeling materials. It provides resources that make home repairs affordable to everyone, with the goal of promoting the reuse of salvaged and reclaimed materials. Three hundred visitors come to The ReBuilding Center every day to browse the ever-changing inventory that includes sinks, tubs, tile, lumber, doors, windows, trim and much more. Click here to see a list of items you can donate and buy.

That reminds me…I need to see what colors of recycled paint are available from Metro. The handsome nephew is helping us paint the arbor while he’s here.

My only purchase was two ceramic cups that the artist Mark S. Johnson made…they have little drawings on them with a lot of sacred motifs…and profane, too. I loved them. If you haven’t bought a piece of real art from the artist who made it…try to do that sometime. Support local artists! And it’s back to work tomorrow morning…enjoy the week, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Mississippi Ave Street Fair

      • Great post. You should have taken your mom in law, you might have gotten a different reaction than that of the nephew. If it makes you feel any better, Theresa was posting and texting from her phone while at Disneyland. You have to remember Jeff has a gal pal now, Giels you can kiss are way more of an attention getter than street fairs to a teenager. I appreciated your postings and pictures though:) ML

      • He doesn’t have “a gal pal” now…he actually has several girls that he toys with. He’s a bad bad boy, but he’s so good!! It looked like you had a great time in Disneyland and I was glad to see the pictures. Curious to see what you’ll choose for a tattoo…

  1. Hey! We were there too! Saw some of those face painted people arrive and looked at those same cups but couldn’t find a price anywhere! We ended up buying a t-shirt, two magnets and food (did you try that salted caramel sauce?). We are trying this week to duplicate at home the burritos we had there. It was amazing to stand at one end at look toward the other – sooo many people! It was kind of a hipster-fest; mustaches and Portlandia everywhere! That Jimmy showed up at a party I was at a few weeks ago, says he married a woman with eight kids, no wonder he is charging a fee for a photo!

    • I wish we would have seen you guys! …married with 8 kids, jeez. There you go! More proof that you never can judge because you never know what someone’s situation is. Having said that…I still judge those mustaches very harshly. Missed the salted caramel sauce – sounds deelish!

  2. What’re you talking about – the pics are great!! 🙂

    Also, I’m so sad I missed the fair, thank you for sharing parts of it so I could get a glimpse! Too much fun stuff to do around these parts!

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