Blessing of the Animals – Rained Out

Well, Father did bless the dogs, but the actual ceremony is postponed until August 7 due to the weather. We put their matching pink hoodies on and braved the deluge, but it was a bit of a let down when we arrived and learned about the cancellation. Susie intimidated a darling pair of dachshunds, and Uno pretty much gave the Priest “the paw” when he sprinkled holy water on her precious head.

Should I try to explain redemptive suffering to the girls and tell them to offer it up? I think I’ll skip that idea and take a nap with them instead!


2 thoughts on “Blessing of the Animals – Rained Out

  1. I am sure the girls appreciated the outing whether it was rain or shine. How exciting for them to see others of their species and to meet new people to boot. You can try to explain the purpose behind th outing to them, but I am sure they felt the love on a personal note by just cuddling with their human family. Lovely posting and picture. Have a blessed day, I know the dogs did!

    • Our sweet dogs sure are blessed…maybe even spoiled. We are, too. And this aligns well with the Catholic faith because so much hangs on intention. 🙂 Thank you for commenting!!

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