Respect Life Sunday – Not Shock and Awe Sunday

Let’s celebrate life in all it’s weird miraculous diversity today!

Emily Dickinson said something about forever being made up of a lot of “nows.” Has she been beatified yet?

What can we celebrate that is life-affirming NOW?

My hub is on the couch next to me – I can see flowers out the window – I have coffee.

Let’s make today about more than preachy shock and awe posters and sermons about abortion and about more than not killing our elderly when they become a burden.

Let’s respect the life we find in our day to day life…today, right now. And let’s set aside some time today to be grateful for this gift.

I’m grateful to be here and grateful you are, too.


One thought on “Respect Life Sunday – Not Shock and Awe Sunday

  1. The older I get and the more I realize they may be my twilight years, I accept each day with being thankful for the breath of life and being surrounded with Gods’ grace and beauty. Whether it be beautiful flowers, sunsets or just a non eventful day, I appreciate life and the company of good friends and family. I am blessed to have you in my life and just wanted to let you know. ML

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