What are you thankful for?

What wonderful things keep you going when you are in a slothful slump? What grabs your attention in the midst of your regular routine and whispers “Hey! This is fairly fantastic!” I’m very curious and would really love to know a few things on your Thanksgiving list if you don’t mind sharing. And if you don’t have a list…make one. You won’t do anything else as worthwhile all weekend.

I’m a couple of days late with my list of things I’m thankful for because I’ve been busy in full-on enjoyment of said things. So without further ado…in no particular order…my list:

  • Finally feeling that God might – just a bit – actually love me as I am.
  • Not being in a lost, dark space where I’ve spent some time in the past.
  • A ridiculously fun living situation with my bff and our zoo.
  • The family of hummingbirds living in the wine-colored trees across the street who we’ll hopefully get to see feeding just outside our front window all year again. These magic mini-birds encouraged me during the last cycles of chemo and hold a hallowed place in my heart.

  • Striped socks
  • Lip gloss
  • Music – the old reliable stuff and the new gems that offer blessed hope every once in a while that the genuine good days aren’t over.
  • Bath lotions and potions for silky scented skin
  • My iPad…for so many reasons
  • The dogs. They make every day worthwhile and make unconditional love look easy.
  • Blouis, my Subaru
  • My job. I am so lucky to have a job with easy access to good coffee. And one that uses my natural abilities to allow me to work closely with amazing people I may not otherwise meet. And best of all, I work in a building with a handful of my favorite friends.
  • I’m grateful that I’m not burdened with a striving, materialistic heart and that I am easily entertained and distracted.
  • Color

  • Shiny things!
  • Pinterest, facebook, amazon.com…the seemingly infinite offerings of interesting things on the interwebs!
  • The new camera that I’m getting for Christmas
  • Our cozy cottage and my secret garden

This is just a sampling…a puny percentage of the really really long list…but now it’s your turn…



2 thoughts on “What are you thankful for?

  1. I am thankful for Gods good grace and each day of life I am given. I am thankful for my loved ones, family and non judgemental friends. Appreciation of having a place to live and food on my table is a hit, along with a man who is interested in my life, hopes and dreams. Though I wish working wasn’t something I have to do, I enjoy the benefits it gives me. I love this laptop more than words can say. The laptop and my cell keep me in tune with those I truly care about. I could not live without the variety of music and my Parothead phriends. My fairly good health is much appreciated and simple pleasures keep me satisfied while I work on writing a new chapter in my life. Looking forward to 2012, a new living location and some relaxation to boot. Sticking my feet in mountain streams, hiking in the woods, attending a community theater, lounging with my honey. Can’t wait!

  2. Grateful I am for:
    My wife: Her beauty, giggle, charm, sense of humor, and continued good health.
    The two best dogs in the whole world.
    Two of the three household cats.
    Reading: Books, Magazines, My iPad.
    Living in Portland.
    La Sirenita: The best taqueria in all of PDX.
    Bacon… On or with EVERYTHING.
    My job, both for having one, and for doing something meaningful that I enjoy.
    PS3 video games
    My friends whom I consider my brothers.

    More… So very much more.

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