shesnosaint’s Top 10 Weird eBay Nativity Sets!

This one is very mooving. Glory to the moo born king!

There are several incarnations of blessed animal sets…this one is for all the crazy cat ladies:

Bah rump pah pum pum…meow…

There are dogs, too, of course. This schnauzer set is homemade…I know, hard to believe.

Nativity cupcakes seem strange to me primarily because they aren’t edible.

Yummy Baby Jesus!

You can even take a bath with a holy family of rubber duckies. I wonder if they squeak/squirt.

Prefer showers?

Many of the sets are for both decorative and practical use. You could use the thimbles as you sew for the church all year long. Mind where you put your fingers. Several scenes are made with blonde children…it’s a creepy recurring theme and I can’t understand why.

This one is a tea set. You can drink out of a sheep’s back and put sugar in the camel’s hump under the chicken lid…

St. Joseph’s teddy bear head pops right off to accommodate creamer.

More adorable blonde children (and no baby Jesus?)…

The hands down winner of weirdness is the clown water globe nativity!

And a bonus bit of eBay holiday magic…the headless gingerbread man. Enjoy!